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From Marketer to Memoir Writer

After spending 37 years working in marketing—24 of those years running my own coaching, consulting, and teaching businesses—I’m leaving all that behind to pursue my passion: writing. As a marketer, blogger, and nonfiction author, my focus has been on sharing my experience with the hope it might help others. Now that I’ve entered my sixth decade of life, I’m turning my attention to memoir, and looking back on my life through the lens of wisdom to see what I can learn, and perhaps teach others.

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The Following Inspiration Experiment

Breaking The Spell

Twin Connections

Great book! I've been following Debbie's work for some years and just as I have dedicated my life to pursue my purpose, she has written this awesome book which gives me comfort in knowing that following our intuition is the best way to coming home and creating the life we want. Thanks Debbie.

Praise for The Following Inspiration Experiment

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