Debbie LaChusa

Leaving Marketing to Become a Writer

Career Convos & Coffee Podcast

I sat down recently with Gopal Singh, host of the Career Convos & Coffee Podcast to talk about leaving my marketing career to become a writer.

We talked about all of the career pivots I’ve made over the years, beginning with what prompted me to leave my marketing job way back in 1998 to start my own marketing consulting business.

Becoming a writer is actually my fifth career, and we discuss the common thread—well, instigator really—that has prompted every major change I’ve made over the years.

We even got to the story behind several of the Fun Facts listed on my About Page.

It’s a short 22-minute interview. I hope you enjoy it!

You can listen in on our conversation here. I hope it inspires you to make that change—whatever it may be—that’s been whispering in your ear.

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