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The Following Inspiration Experiment

Learning to let go and live in the flow

What if you discovered everything you believed to be true about creating the life you want wasn’t? Would you be willing to let it all go and try a different approach? That’s what this book is all about. Learning to let go of the way most of us have been taught to pursue life, success, and happiness, and embrace a new way, a way that enables you to create the life you truly desire. 

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The Following Inspiration Experiment

Breaking The Spell

Twin Connections

Debbie's voice, her honesty, and her down to earth attitude combine powerfully in this page turning book! … I feel that Debbie's book Breaking the Spell is a wonderful bridge between teachings about living in the now, and actually living in this world. I found it inspiring, clarifying, and freeing! Highly recommended!”

Praise for Breaking The Spell