Debbie LaChusa

Debbie LaChusa

Memories of Mom: How a 25-year-old letter changed everything

writing a letter to mom 25 years ago

This piece is the result of a memoir-writing exercise to shine a light behind a difficult character. I sat down to write about my memories of mom and ended up writing 3,000 words that were more about me than her! I pulled out the part that resonated the most, cleaned it up, and I’ve shared …

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Writing is Prohibited

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The email landed in my inbox on Saturday afternoon. That’s when they always arrive. Every week, a new chapter released, with video and text lessons, interviews, suggested reading, and of course writing exercises. The subject line read, Writing is Prohibited. I breathed a sigh of relief. After beginning the memoir writing course with an excited …

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From Journalism student to Aspiring Memoirist

My journey as a writer began in college. I studied journalism, advertising, and marketing at San Diego State University. It was an interesting combination of liberal arts and commerce. Writing to communicate and writing to persuade and sell. I wrote everything from marketing copy to magazine articles. I even served as senior editor of the …

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Dad loved to read

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This is my very first writing exercise from a memoir writing course. The assignment was to write a profile of a person in 200 words. The chair sits empty now, as does the house. The blue recliner positioned just in front of the television. But watching TV wasn’t its primary purpose. Reading was. A retired …

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